Fast Wireless Car Charger

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  • QI wireless carfast charging technology, built-in new responsive smart chip, intelligently identify wireless fast charging equipment, intelligently adjust the power between 5W, 7.5W and 10W. (Note: You need to use the QC 3.0 charger adapter to get 7.5W / 10W fast charge)
  • Compared tothe windshield or instrument panel bracket, the vent bracket makes it easier for you to get in touch with the phone and reduce distractions during driving.
  • Infrared auto-sensingand one-hand operation, when the mobile phone is close to the infrared automatic sensing area of the car phone holder, the width of the bracket can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate a mobile phone having a size of about 4. 0-6.5 inches.
  • Easy adjustment, adjustablemobile phone holder and 360° joint ball can help the mobile phone to be placed in the right position, rotate and adjust, free to rotate without angles and multiple angles.
  • This wireless charger charging board isonly suitable for QI equipment. For mobile phones that do not have wireless charging capacity, you need to prepare a wireless mobile phone charger receiving card for it. Since the wireless charging card may affect charging, make sure that the charging card you purchased is of high quality.
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